Baytown/Bayport, MN

Baytown Township, MN

A Close-Knit Community in a Scenic Setting
Baytown Township/Bayport, located in Washington County, Minnesota, offers an idyllic small-town living experience. Additionally, nestled along the scenic St. Croix River, it provides residents with an exceptional quality of life. Those searching for homes for sale in Baytown Township/Bayport, MN, will find a community that perfectly blends rural charm with convenient access to urban centers. For more insights, visit, the official website of Baytown Township.


Rich Diversity in Real Estate

In your quest for homes for sale in Baytown Township/Bayport, MN, a variety of home styles await discovery. The township, renowned for its historic homes and expansive farmland, offers a unique rural appeal. Furthermore, developments like Audubon, Miller Farms, and Emerald Falls cater to a broad range of preferences in the Baytown real estate market.


A Focus on Educational Excellence

Prospective families will be pleased to know that Baytown Township/Bayport, MN is served by Stillwater Area Public Schools. This K-12 public school system, known for its high standards, consistently ranks among Minnesota’s top-performing districts, thereby ensuring a solid educational foundation.


Embark on Your Real Estate Journey

If you’re intrigued by the tranquil and picturesque homes for sale in Baytown Township/Bayport, MN, Daniel Graves is ready to guide you. As a top agent in the region, he offers expert insights into Baytown Township/Bayport’s real estate landscape. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Daniel is a valuable resource. For further information on available listings or to learn about life in Baytown Township/Bayport, contact Daniel Graves today.

Baytown Quick Stats:

Population: 2,088
Median Home Value:
Owner Occupied Homes: 95%
Median Household Income: $168,500
School District: 834

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